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Article and information on peafowl

My name is Bill McGill I live in a small Texas town called Seadrift, I am located 30 miles east of Victoria Texas and 25 miles south of Port Lavaca I have been raising birds off and on for many years and I do not claim to be an expert on them however all I can do is share with you my experiences that I have had with them on this website.

After a few years passed by, I went out and purchased some pharaoh quail, I was living in the city at this time and had a limited space to have birds. I raise the pharaoh quail off and on for several years. Then in 1982 the bug hit me again when we purchased 300 acres and had plenty of space to have a different variety of birds. This time the bird that was chosen is peafowl. I found them to be one of the most interesting and most beautiful birds. At this time there were just a few mutations that have been developed.

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